News: Regeneration

Keep informed and involved with the regeneration of Clapham Park. Here you’ll find regular updates covering the latest regeneration work taking place.

27th October 2021

Brixton Windrush pioneer honoured in new building

A former Brixton resident and member of the Windrush Generation was honoured today when a block of 50 new social housing units named after him was “ ...
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13th October 2021

MTVH and Countryside form joint venture

MTVH and Countryside form joint venture partnership to deliver Clapham Park regeneration scheme. Following an 18-month tender process supported by A ...
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17th February 2021

50 New Homes on the Way!

Hutchins House and Prendergast House are now demolished and our contractors at Kind and Co are hard at work building 50 new rented homes (and 2 new sh ...
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4th May 2020

Crescent Park

The Crescent Park is now open, just in time for you enjoy it for the summer. We had planned on having a celebratory event to mark the opening of the p ...
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