Available homes

Find out about the types of homes available at Clapham Park, from affordable and rented homes to shared ownership and private sale.

Affordable and Rented Homes

Over half of the new homes built at Clapham Park will be affordable and rented homes.

There’ll be a mixture of home types and sizes on offer, ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom houses. When you move into your new rented home you’ll need to consider costs such as:

  • Service charges – these are costs associated with managing and maintaining the building and communal landscaping within blocks
  • Utility Bills – Residents will usually be responsible for paying all utility bills such as electric, heating and water charges, directly to the supplier
  • Council Tax – On new homes this may be higher than residents currently pay

If you would like to see our Decant Charter for Clapham Park, please click here.