27/07/2024 · 1pm - 5pm

Community Fun Day

KeithShaw House and Donna Mews

At our KeithShaw House and Donna Mews construction site, Kind and Co are building 50 new rented homes and 2 new shops.  The homes will comprise 41 apartments and 9 townhouses and are being allocated to tenants waiting to move from the older blocks. We look forward to welcoming our tenants into their new homes when they are complete in early 2023.

There has been good progress made on site during this construction period with the ground floor slabs completed within the frame of the 6 storey block and works progressing onto level 1. Works to the houses has also progressed, alongside the drainage works within the site hoarding is near completion.

We will add more photos as the building progresses.  If you would like to see more of Kind’s work, take a stroll over to Forster Road, where they completed a new apartment block for us back in 2017.

For all regeneration enquiries please email: info@yourclaphampark.co.uk