Ways to get involved

Clapham Park is your place to be. That’s why we want you to have your say on the regeneration programme, so you can influence the development and design of your neighbourhood while gaining valuable skills in the process.

We have a wide range of resident involvement opportunities available. Whether you’d like to chat for five minutes, sit down for an hour or commit several days, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more below.


We recognise the importance of transparency and being held to account and we welcome the opportunity to work with residents. The Clapham Park Committee brings together residents, MTVH’s CEO Geeta Nanda and the senior leadership team to monitor, discuss and influence decisions pertaining to Clapham Park.

Community forums

This will be an opportunity to work with your neighbours and MTVH to look at important topics that concern you. The community forums also provide you with the chance to shape local services that we deliver for you.

Consultation events

We know it’s important that we continue to listen and provide you with an opportunity to feedback to us throughout the lifetime of the regeneration programme. Don’t worry though, we won’t keep asking you the same questions!

Local resident associations and local groups

The ongoing commitment and effort of residents is vital to not only making the regeneration a success, but to strengthening community ties. At MTVH, we want to keep developing and supporting that local voice, including the opportunity to access small grants. Whether you’re an established resident association or a local group of Clapham Park residents – come and talk to us.

Community programmes

We want there to be something for everyone at Clapham Park to ensure that we are supporting you to live well. There are and will be many community activities taking place at the Clapham Park Cube where you’ll get the opportunity to try different activities that appeal to everyone.

Training programmes

We are committed to developing skills and delivering training programmes for residents; helping to improve employability, personal and other skills. There will be a number of opportunities for you to develop these skills at the Clapham Park Cube.