Residents Groups

Resident groups play a key role in providing a collective voice for residents. From community activities and the Cube to public art and green spaces, residents groups can help make sure your voice is heard.

Clapham Park Cube Resident Management Committee 

The Clapham Park Cube Resident Management Committee was established in April 2019. The group gives residents a say in the management and ownership of their new community space.The Committee has over 30 members that have been able to revise a new pricing structure, amend the terms and hire agreements and set the overall direction of how the building is run. Community ownership and ensuring that residents are part of any decision making process is key to the success and future of the Clapham Park Cube.The name, Clapham Park Cube, was chosen by the Committee to reflect its potentially different meaning and use for each individual, while remaining a place where the community can be one.

Clapham Park Public Art Committee

The Clapham Park Public Art Committee is a recently formed advisory committee that provides expert community-based advice, knowledge and input to inform and deliver a public art strategy for Clapham Park.The committee is made up of local residents, members of MTVH, Clapham Park Creative Cooperative and your elective ward representative, Councillor Nanda Manley-Browne. The remit of the committee will help to support, develop and improve the public realm spaces of Clapham Park. Through the development of a public art strategy the committee will decide how to spend over £700,000 on public art within Clapham Park.  The work of the committee will be vital in shaping, enhancing and enriching the cultural experience of the community of Clapham Park for years to come.

Clapham Park Committee

The Clapham Park Committee oversees the regeneration and management of properties, while ensuring that residents are involved in all key decisions. This includes issues affecting the regeneration, as well as those affecting the delivery of services, infrastructure and investment of resources; all of which are intended to directly benefit the quality of life for residents.

It is an advisory Committee of the Executive and is chaired by MTVH Chief Executive, Geeta Nanda. Residents sitting on the Committee work with MTVH senior leadership to influence and challenge how we make important decisions about the Clapham Park estate. 

All vacancies for membership for the resident group will be advertised and shared with residents through the newsletter, website, social media and other media channels. We currently have no vacancies